HDG Negro Porcelain Paver - Basalto 60x60 Tile - HDG Building Materials
HDG Negro Porcelain Paver - Basalto 60x60 Tile - HDG Building Materials

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HDG Negro

This series of limestone-finish stone-look porcelain stoneware is designed above all for outdoor use. These tiles are lightweight, frostproof, flameproof, thermally insulating and removable. A versatile and functional product with excellent technical characteristics and a beautiful appearance that fits perfectly into any outdoor environment, including both commercial and residential spaces. These structural porcelain pavers are ideal for pedestal set applications with medium to heavy traffic. Available in a color range from light to dark, Rum Beige, Ecru, Calcare, Blue, Negro, Umbro, and Charcoal.

Finish: Flamed Basalt

Applications: Ideal both for residential outdoor, such as patio, terraces, gazebos, swimming-pools, gardens, garden paths, stairs, balconies, attics, and for commercial outdoor areas of bars, restaurants, spas, swimming-pools, beach resorts and walkways.

Color Variation: V3, Color Variation Explained

Sizes: 60×60 cm, Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm


V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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