Genuine Mahogany Benefits

  • Unique beauty
  • High durability
  • Rot and mildew resistance
  • Very stable timber
  • Intrinsic hardiness
  • Readily accepts stains, oils, and finishes
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Beautiful Sustainable Durable Mahogany Decking

1″x5″ Genuine Mahogany Shiplap

Shiplap Genuine Mahogany can be used for siding on any structure to add a beautiful outdoor appeal!

Ipe Wood Decking

Ipe Wood: The best natural wood decking material.

Widely recognized by as one of the most durable species for fully exposed exterior applications, Ipe offers excellent resistance to scratching and weathers gracefully without splintering.

  • Botanical name – Tabebuia sp.
  • Reddish brown color, but can vary from olive brown to blackish, often with lighter or darker striping
  • Exceptionally hard and dense (Janka 3680)
  • Eight times harder than Californian Redwood
  • Highly resistant to termites, decay and mold (rated Class 1 – extremely durable)
  • 3-5 times the life time of most other decking materials (25+ year lifetime)
  • Resistant to fire (rated Class A by NFPA)
  • Weathers to a soft silvery grey, remaining smooth and splinter free

IPE and Cumaru (does this apply to IPE & Cumaru?)

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a sustainably harvested wood imported from South America. This hardwood is famous because of its gorgeous look, strength, and hardness. Compared to other decking options, Ipe wood is virtually impervious to dog nail scratches and  indentations (from high heels or chair legs). Ipe is also highly resistant to problems related to moisture and insects.

Ipe’s density and weight render it very stable so that it shrinks and expands very little, even when exposed to rain or extreme temperature. With no treatment, Ipe decking will last over 40 years! In short, Ipe is IDEAL for decking in both outdoor and indoor venues, for both commercial and residential projects.

Not only is Ipe the toughest and most durable decking available, it is also beautiful. Its color varies from deep, walnut brown to olive to mahogany red, and its fine grain appears swirly, striped or perfectly uniform. Left to weather naturally, Ipe decking develops a rich, elegant silver-gray patina. Either natural or finished with a UV inhibitor, Ipe decking is as unique as it is breathtaking.


  • 1 x 6
  • 5/4 x 6
  • 2 x 6
  • Random Length Even or Odd
  • Fixed Length
  • Grooved and ungrooved edges

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