Pietra HDG Berona Cream Porcelain Paver Swimming Pool Surround
HDG Berona Cream Outdoor Living Area Porcelain Paver - HDG Building Materials
HDG Berona Cream Sandstone Finish Cream Color Porcelain Paver for Pool and Patio Decking
HDG Berona Cream Color Sandstone Finish 60x60 cm (24 x 24 in) Porcelain Paver - HDG Building Materials
HDG Berona Cream Porcelain Pavers Installation Over Buzon Pedestals in Raised Terrace Application
HDG Berona Cream Porcelain Paver Indoor and Outdoor Blending 60x60 cm (24x24 in), 90x90 cm (36x36 in) or 60x120 cm (24x48 in) sizes - HDG Building Materials
Pietra HDG Berona Cream Porcelain Paver Driveway and Parking Area - HDG Building Materials

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This product is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit the porcelain paver galleries (2cm Legno Series Wood-Finish, 2cm Pietra Series Stone-Finish, or SH 3cm Series Drive-Over) to find a suitable alternative. We are also happy to assist you. Please contact us at 503.360.9551

HDG Berona Cream

The desire to re-discover the essence of original materials and the details they are composed of gives rise to a simple, elegant new concept of beauty: a fresh minimalism inspired by natural stone. HDG Berona Cream is a sandstone finish cream colored porcelain paver. Rated for outdoor use, this 2cm thick, stone-finish porcelain tile, available in Berona Cream, Berona Light, and Berona Dark comes in 60×60 cm (24×24 in) size. Nature inspires this series. In turn, attractive style textures inspire the design of modern environments. The colors and the natural patterns of stone blend in with atmospheric elements. Rough or smooth, the surfaces come alive with attractive shadows and reflections – creating a perfect balance between the practical and the emotional.

Finish: Sandstone – Sandblast

Applications: Use this series in public spaces and private terraces and gardens where a modern high-tech finish combined with the legacy and comfort of stone is desired.

Color Variation: V2, Color Variation Explained

Sizes: 60×60 cm (24×24 in), Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm

Pietra HDG Berona Cream Mirage Porcelain Paver 60x60 cm (24x24 in)


V2 - Color Variation - Slight Variation Appearance - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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