HDG Vintage Chestnut Porcelain Tile
HDG Vintage Chestnut Porcelain Tile - Scene 1
HDG Vintage Chestnut Porcelain Tile - Scene 2
HDG Vintage Chestnut Porcelain Tile - Scene 3
HDG Vintage Chestnut Porcelain Tile - Scene 4

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HDG Vintage Chestnut Porcelain Tile - Scene 1

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HDG Vintage Chestnut

The Vintage Series, available in PineGrey, Oak, and Chestnut, combines the look of natural wood with the advantages of porcelain stoneware. The textured finish is suitable for indoor and outdoor venues requiring excellent technical performance guaranteeing the highest safety. This series provides a textured surface for a perfect continuous effect between indoor and outdoor spaces. This antislip solution is extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions, frost-proof, unabsorbent and easy to clean. Fire-proof, not deformable by heat and resistant to the most common chemicals.

Finish: 2-4″ wide x7 slat – dark joint

Applications: 20mm version in 60×60 size, with graphics evoking wood planks of different widths, completes the range with a product featuring the highest mechanical resistance and suitable for public and private outdoor venues. Can be laid in dry applications onto gravel or grass or on raised terraces on Buzon Pedestals.

Color Variation: V3, Color Variation Explained

Sizes: 60×60 cm, 45×90 cm, Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm

HDG Vintage Chestnut 60x60 Porcelain Tile


HDG Vintage Chestnut 45x90 Porcelain Tile


V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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