HDG Alba - Rovere Sabbia Porcelain Tile
HDG Alba - Rovere Sabbia Porcelain Tile
HDG Alba - Rovere Sabbia 120x60 Porcelain Tile
HDG Popolo Beige Tan Pavers and Other Colors in the Family

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HDG Alba - Rovere Sabbia 120x60 Porcelain Tile

HDG Alba

This series of stone takes technology to its highest level. All the appearance, tactile sensations and veins of natural wood, down to the tiniest detail are reproduced. The production technology of these slabs guarantees exceptionally high breaking strength. This means no bending, absolute maintenance of linearity, and no shifting, even by a millimetre. The visual impact may be that of wood, but they are as strong as stone. You have to touch this material with your own hands to appreciate its unique qualities. Compact, homogeneous and with a uniform structure, they are incredibly resistant to the deepest abrasion, chemical attack and infinite amount of traffic. Porcelain tile in this family are Gris, Popolo, Cape Cod, Angelyn, Alba, and Tundara.

Finish: Wood Grain – Ancient, Fine

Applications: Indoor and outdoors surfaces that would benefit from the natural look and feel of wood with advanced technical performance. Improved strength, durability, and longevity without any special treatment before or after installation.

Color Variation: V3, Color Variation Explained

Sizes: 120×60 cm, 120×30 cm, Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

120×60 cm

HDG Alba - Rovere Sabbia 120x60 Porcelain Tile

120×30 cm

20 mm thick

HDG Alba Rovere Sabbia profile


V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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