Terra White and Terra Gravel Porcelain Paver Terrace Overlook
Layout with Terra - Gravel | White | Basalt - 60x60 cm Porcelain Pavers
Rooftop Deck with Terra White and Terra Basalt Porcelain Pavers
Terra White | Terra Gravel | Terra Basalt - Porcelain Pavers

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Terra White Porcelain Paver 60x60cm

Terra White

The Terra porcelain paver collection is a contemporary Italian style paver designed with the urban setting in mind. The robust 20mm thick outdoor rated porcelain paver has highly technical characteristics making it suitable for outdoor, demanding, high-traffic pedestrian areas. The Terra collection of porcelain pavers has the appearance of bits of granite or marble set in concrete and polished smooth. This dramatic finish adds impact and contrast to urban settings. The strong visual impact of this collection empowers designers to create distinctive public spaces such as cafés, hospitality areas, pedestrian plazas, courtyards, promenades, restaurants and hotels, and more.

Colors in the range vary include Terra Grey, Terra Cream, Terra White, Terra Gravel, and Terra Basalt. Mix and match these pavers within the range or contrast with the Metro porcelain paver collection for an even more dramatic effect.

Finish: Granite Permeated Smooth Concrete Appearance

Applications: Use Terra White porcelain pavers for hospitality areas, landscaping projects, urban locations, restaurants, pool surrounds, pedestrian walkways, promenades, rooftop decks, gardens and patios, plazas, terraces, and courtyards, and other industrial and commercial settings.

Color Variation: V1, Color Variation Explained

SRI Rating: 69, Learn more about Solar Reflectance Index.

Terra White Porcelain Paver Sizes
60x60cm, 30x60cm, 2cm (3/4″) thickness, Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm

Terra White Porcelain Paver 60x60cm

30×60 cm

Terra White Porcelain Paver 30x60cm


Terra White Porcelain Pavers V1 Color Variation

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