Childrens Hospital - Porcelain Pavers over Buzon Pedestals - HDG Building Materials
HDG-Trust-Gold-Porcelain-Pavers-HDG Building Materials
Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital Outdoor Garden Overview - HDG Building Materials
Childrens Hospital - Porcelain Pavers over Buzon Pedestals - HDG Building Materials

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HDG Trust Gold

The strong material look of Trust recalls quartzite and Luserna stones, with a surface characterized by intense chromatic and texture veinings, obtained using the most advanced and cutting-edge ceramic technologies. Trust is a design surface for contemporary architectures, that brings evocative and natural atmospheres to everyday living spaces. The excellent technical characteristics of the collection also allow for high-tech results in outdoor spaces. The perfect synthesis between aesthetics and technology, Trust finds its perfect application in residential and commercial spaces, both indoors and outdoors. The Gold, Silver, and Titanium colors are inspired by the hues of the most precious quarry stones, creating a refined chromatic effect on the surface.

Finish: Slate – Coarse

Applications: Trust single-piece ceramic slabs of 20 mm thickness are perfect for use in outdoor applications. Thanks to the anti-slip R11 A+B+C features this series ensures resistance and safety in any outdoor venue.

Color Variation: V3, Color Variation Explained

SRI Rating: 50, Learn more about Solar Reflectance Index.

Sizes: 60×60, Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm


V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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