HDG Gris NE Outdoor Indoor Porcelain Pavers Tall
HDG NE Gris Porcelain Pavers Modern Architecture
HDG NE Gris Porcelain Pavers Pool Surround and Terrace
HDG NE Gris Porcelain Pavers Walkway
Arial View of HDG Gris Grey Limestone Porcelain Paver in Outdoor Setting.
Indoor Environment to Outdoor Living Area that Uses HDG Gris Grey Limestone Porcelain Pavers
HDG NE Gris Grey Limestone Finish Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials
Looking at Transition of Outdoor Living Room and Interior Flooring with HDG NE Gris Grey Limestone Finish Porcelain Pavers
Modern Architecture Using HDG NE Gris Grey Porcelain Pavers
Interior Flooring Application with HDG NE Gris Grey Porcelain Pavers

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NE Gris

The NE series is the synthesis of natural and time. Natural, like the stones that have written the history of architecture. Time, because it’s time for structural and aesthetic protection. The privilege of an innovative collection able to tackle the imperfections and excesses of natural materials; each slab has a story to tell, part designer, part practical. The pursuit of technical perfection, smooth colors, authentic, profound nuances, veining details and inclusions: each slab is unique, perfectly in tune with the most innovative trends in urban and residential furnishings. Gris is the grey limestone finish porcelain paver in the collection. Also available in Beige, Borge, Ocean, and Note.

Porcelain Paver Installation:

Install these grey limestone porcelain pavers over grass, gravel, sand and concrete or on elevated decks using raised pedestals. Use these porcelain pavers with slope-correcting and height-adjustable Buzon Pedestals to create raised floors over uneven substrates or to create intentionally sloped designs. See Sloped Surface Design Uses HDG Grating Panels City Center Project.

Applications for Grey Limestone Pavers:

NE Gris grey limestone porcelain pavers are outdoor-rated 3/4 inch thick (20mm) and ideal for residential, commercial, or municipal applications including: public plazas, patios, terraces, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, gardens, pedestrian walkways, resorts, lodges, entries and lobbies, restaurant floors, spas, pool surrounds, mudrooms, amenity decks, and rooftop decks. The matte finish makes them especially suited to foot traffic applications in environments with splash, moisture, rain, snow, mud, and boot-tracked debris. Use these porcelain paver to extend the living quarters comfortably outdoors in harmony with nature.

Finish: Limestone

Color Variation: V2, Color Variation Explained

SRI Rating: Learn more about Solar Reflectance Index.

NE Gris Sizes: 60×60 cm (24×24 in), 45×90 cm (18×36 in) Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm

HDG-NE-Gris 60x60 cm 24x24 in Porcelain Pavers

45×90 cm

HDG NE Gris Grey Limestone 45x90 cm 18x36 in


V2 - Color Variation - Slight Variation Appearance - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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