Porcelain Pavers for Raised Flooring

Single slab 2cm thick porcelain modules are specifically designed for external use in elevated flooring installations. However, there are currently no specific regulations or standards relating to the use of porcelain pavers for elevated exterior flooring. The closest standard to porcelain pavers is that relating to concrete paving slabs. Under this test procedure, our 2cm thick porcelain complies with or exceeds the standard on all comparative tests, e.g., resists more than 1400 kg per slab (test result as per EN 1339 KN 14 >). This means, according to the adopted standard, the material is suitable for “collective and public use without limitation of the height of the pedestals or sleepers.”

In considering the use of 2cm thick porcelain pavers for raised flooring compared with conventional interior elevated flooring, the shock resistance of porcelain pavers is a factor that must always be taken into consideration (for example, when a hard object such as a hammer or other solid object weighing 4.5 kg is dropped from a height of 40 cm) – as specified under EN 12825. Despite the intrinsic density and stiffness of porcelain pavers, the slabs can nonetheless break or shatter if a heavy object is dropped onto them from a height. In consideration of the risk to anyone standing or walking on such slabs, in situations where hard and heavy objects are likely to be used or where floor heights are greater than 1.9 cm (3/4”), porcelain manufacturers recommend the application of a reinforcement to the underside of the slabs such as: – glued fiber protection – metal tray backing – overlapping metal tray.  These applications do not increase the bearing capacity of the floor; they help limit the possibility of the paver from caving in if broken, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Porcelain Paver on Buzon Pedestal - HDG Building Materials

HDG can furnish porcelain pavers with factory-applied metal-backing.  In addition, for porcelain paver installations on pedestals taller than 10 cm (4”), HDG offers several options that eliminate the liability risk which do not require this waiver.  Please contact us to learn more about this option.

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