Fusa Manhattan Grey-Colored 24x24 Inch Porcelain Pavers
Outdoor Dining Applications with Fusa Manhattan 30x60 cm Porcelain Pavers
Outdoor Dining Area with 30x60 mm Porcelain Paver Decking Surface
Hospitality Design With 30x60 mm Porcelain Paver Outdoor Rated Flooring
Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Pavers Layout Over Grass
Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Pavers Installed on Grass
Pool Surround with Fusa Manhattan 60x60 cm Porcelain Pavers
Pool Decking using Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Pavers
Fusa Manhattan Grey-Colored 24x24 Inch Porcelain Pavers

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60x60 Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Paver 24x24 in and 20 mm Thick

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Fusa Manhattan

The Fusa collection of porcelain pavers offers the classic beauty and variation of natural stone and the durability and technical advantages of porcelain. Fusa pavers range in color from clean whites to inviting greys and earthy browns. Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Pavers are perfect for designers and homeowners who admire the elegant look of naturally occurring stone like that found in the Dolomites. The Fusa collection was inspired by the mountains, rivers, and valleys of the Trentino region. Use these beautiful porcelain pavers to add elegance, organic qualities, and natural style to any outdoor setting. Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Pavers are in the grey color family and will exhibit shade and vein variation (V3). Colors in the series include Fusa Luna, Fusa White, Fusa Ash, Fusa Multi, Fusa Manhattan, and Fusa Grey.

Finish: Grey with Darker Grey Hues – Limestone, Antiqued

Applications: Fusa series pavers are well suited for the design of hospitality areas and landscaping projects in industrial, commercial, and luxury residential settings. Use for gardens and patios, pedestrian walkways, promenades, plazas, terraces, courtyards, urban design, spas and resorts, swimming pool decks and pool surrounds, and rooftop decks.

Raised Floors: Use these porcelain pavers with slope-correcting and height-adjustable Buzon Pedestals to create raised floors over uneven substrates or to create intentionally sloped designs. See Sloped Surface Design Uses HDG Grating Panels City Center Project.

Color Variation: V3, Color Variation Explained

SRI Rating: 44, Learn more about Solar Reflectance Index.

Sizes: 60x60cm, 30x60cm, 2cm (3/4″) thickness, Porcelain Paver Sizes Demystified

60×60 cm

60x60 Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Paver 24x24 in and 20 mm Thick

30×60 cm

30x60 Fusa Manhattan Porcelain Paver 12x24 in and 20 mm Thick


V3 - Color Variation - Moderate Variation - Porcelain Pavers - HDG Building Materials

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